Rob Westwood is a music composer, sound and audio engineer, and director of Blue Oak Audio Ltd.

Rob’s love of music began early on. He started learning the piano at only six years old, propelling him into experimenting with creating and recording his own compositions.
At 10 years old, his love of drawing, clay modelling, short stop motion and computer programming allowed his creative expression of visual and digital media to marry perfectly with his drive to compose music. An ever-growing portfolio of compositions and a keen interest in digital media sparked him into composing for other people’s home-made games and films.

Rob had already taken on paid work for both game and film from the age of 17, and continued to take on paid work throughout his studies for his Music Composition degree at Dartington College of Arts.

Since then, Rob has worked on over 60 projects and recorded in many prestigious venues including Abbey Road, London and the Synchron Stage, Vienna. His clients include well known films, games and companies such as Warner Bros., Marvel, Disney, and Oculus/Meta to name but a few. Rob’s work include composition, orchestration, music editing, implementation in-game through audio middleware or in-engine, mixing and recording session production.